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One day I heard a piece of information about a Christmas Card, which was delivered to the recipient after 29 years. Nobody knows how this happened but it was incredibly astonishing and at the same time pleasant for the recipient.
I thought of creating this website so that each and one of you could send either to yourselves or to your friends a message, which will have been delivered in a distant future.
Imagine a situation when in 10 years’ time while drinking your morning coffee, you will receive an e-mail, which was sent to you 10 years earlier.
I will make every effort to ensure that sent messages reach their recipients. Moreover, the sender will receive a confirmation. They may be wishes, greetings, invitation to meetings, confessions of love, sorrow for deeds committed, everything you can think of.
Of course, this action should not be treated so seriously. We cannot guarantee 100% certainty that the message reaches its destination...for instance it may be that the recipient will no longer be using the e-mail address provided.


The information you provide, so as e-mail address and message will not be used for any other purpose.
Sending messages is done automatically, without intervention by third parties.